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Michael James Bannister Herrera


Associate Professor

Research Interest:
My research interests include understanding prehistoric human movements in the Indo-Pacific region using ancient and modern DNA of domesticated animals, and agricultural transitions in Island Southeast Asia (ISEA). I am also interested in the phylogeography various animal species in ISEA.

Area of Specialization:

Current Projects:



Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics. University of Adelaide, Philippines. Dissertation title: Genetic Studies on the Prehistoric Translocation of Chickens in the Indo-Pacific


Master of Science in Archaeology. Archaeological Studies Program, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. Thesis title: An Archaeogenetic study of the genus Sus in the Philippines and its proposition for understanding human movement in Island Southeast Asia


Bachelor of Science in Biology. Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Thesis Title: Effects of Ecdsoid on the Development of Cricodolomia binotalis.

Archaeology Courses Taught

Archaeology 297

Archaeology and Genetics

Archaeology 2

World Archaeology (undergraduate)


Articles and Reviews:


Herrera, M., Thomson, V., Wadley, J., Piper, P., Sulandari, S., Dharmayathi, A., Kraitsek, S., Gongora, J., and Austin, J. "East African origins for Madagascan chickens as indicated by mitochondrial DNA." Royal Society Open Science, 4 160787; DOI: 10.1098/rsos.160787


Wood, J., Herrera, M.J.B., and Wilmshurst, J. "Origin and Timing of New Zealand's Earliest Domestic Chickens: Polynesian Commensals or European Introduction?" Royal Society Open Science. 3 160258; DOI; 10.1098/rsos.160258.2010


Ceron, Ma. Jasminda Liza R., Eleanor Marie S. Lim. Michelle S. Eusebio, A. Paulita Roa, Ma. Elena Wright, and Michael James Herrera. In Proceedings of the Society of Philippine Archaeologists, edited by Sheldon Clyde Jago-on, Nida Cuevas, and Alexandra de Leon, 83-93. Vol. 7 Manila: The Katipunan Arkeologist ng Pilipinas, Inc.


Herrera, M.J.B., "Book Review: Stephen Oppenheimer. 2003. Out of Eden: Peoplinf of the World." Hukay.