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Ligaya S. P. Lacsina

Associate Professor

Research Interest:
I'm a maritime archaeologist with a specific interest in Southeast Asian watercraft construction. My 2016 doctoral thesis examined the Butuan Boats, which were first excavated in Butuan City in the 1970s. I received my Doctor of Philosophy in Archaeology from Flinders University of South Australia and Master of Arts in Archaeology from the University of the Philippines in 2009. I previously worked at the National Museum of the Philippines' Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage Division as a researcher and curator from 2016 to 2021, after starting my career in the institution as a researcher in the Archaeology Division in 2004.

Area of Specialization:
maritime archaeology, underwater archaeology, ship and boat-building

Current and Previous Projects


Iberian shipbuilding in the Philippines and Asia


National Museum of the Philippines (NMP)-Navigea survey for deep water World War II shipwrecks in Philippine waters


Vietnam Maritime Archaeology Project in Quan Lan Island, Vietnam


Catanauan Underwater Archaeological Project


Butuan Boats archaeological excavation


Scarborough Shoal Underwater Archaeology Project


Marigondon Cave Underwater Archaeology Project


Investigation of a reported shipwreck site in Dakak, Dapitan City, Zamboanga Del Norte


Underwater Archaeological Exploration in Eastern Catanduanes


Archaeological Survey of Ilocos Norte


Archaeological Excavation at Isumbo Site, S. Espanola, Palawan


Plaza Independencia Project


Underwater Archaeological Excavation in Mangsee, Balabac, Palawan


Batangas Archaeological Project


Archaeological Exploration and Excavation in Batanes Province



PhD in Archaeology, Flinders University


M.A. in Archaeology, University of the Philippines Diliman

Archaeology Courses Taught

Archaeology 251

Underwater Archaeology in Southeast Asia

Archaeology 297

Nautical Archaeology

Archaeology 297

Maritime Archaeology



"Examining pre-colonial Southeast Asian boatbuilding: An archaeological study of the Butuan Boats and the use of edge-joined planking in local and regional construction techniques." Timon: The Proceedings of the Philippine Maritime Heritage Forum. AIMS Museo Maritimo. Manila.


Lacsina, L. and A. Mochtar. "The lashed-lug tradition beyond commonalities: A closer examination of various keel design within Southeast Asian shipbuilding tradition". Advancing Southeast Asian Archaeology 2019: Selected Papers from the Third SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology. SEAMEO SPAFA Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts. Bangkok.


"Southeast Asian boat construction in the Philippines at the end of the first millennium: The Butuan Boats". Philippine Journal of History. Vol. 66.


"The same-same boatbuilding tradition? Looking at different examples of lashed-lug boats from the Southeast Asian region". Past, Present and Future of ASEAN Maritime Heritage: Proceedings of International Symposium. Underwater Archaeology Division, Fine Arts Department, Ministry of Culture. Bangkok.


"Ancient Boat Sites in Butuan City, Philippines". In Y. Ishizawa, N. Sotheavin and M. Yoshida (eds.) Report on Activities for Exchanges in International Cooperation for the Inheritance of Cultural Properties and the New Role of Museums within ASEAN 10 Countries. Sophia University Asian Center for Research and Human Development. Tokyo.


Jago-on, S.C., B. Orillaneda, and L. Lacsina. "The archaeology of the Manila Acapulco galleons". In Kabarkadáhan: La Rute del Galeón Manila-Acapulco (Ang Galeong nag-uugnay sa Manila at Acapulco) UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines. Published conference proceedings. Manila.


"The Butuan Boats of the Philippines: Southeast Asian edge-joined and lashed-lug watercraft". Bulletin of the Australasian Institute of Nautical Archaeology. Vol. 39.