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Juan C. RofesDr. Juan Rofes

Associate Professor

Research Interest:
I am an environmental archaeologist and palaeontologist currently studying the effects of climate and anthropization on the biogeographical histories, genotypes and phenotypes of various species of small mammals in Europe and South East Asia. I am also dedicated to the (multi-proxy) reconstruction of past environments along the Quaternary to study interactions between environmental change and human development. Also interested in the taxonomy, evolution, paleobiology, biochronology, taphonomy, palaeoecology and biogeography of small mammals from the Pleistocene and Holocene; and finally in the phylogeny and adaptations of small mamals in insular contexts.

Area of Specialization:

Zooarchaeology and palaeontology, Palaeoenvironmental reconstructions, Biogeographical analysis, Systematics and evolution, Geometric morphometrics

Current Projects:


Biodiversity, evolution and paleoecology of the late Middle Pleistocene to Middle Holocene small mammals of the Iranian Plateau . Head: Juan C. Rofes. Funded by: Outright Research Grant (Project Nº 202038 ORG), OVCRD, University of the Philippines Diliman.


The search for Homo luzonensis continues: The 2020 Archaeological Excavations at Callao Cave, Northern Luzon, Philippines. Head: Armand S. Mijares. Funded by: National Geographic Foundation for Science and Exploration Grant (Nº GS-KOR-63188R).


Geology, geochronology and palaeobiology of the deposits of the Sierra de Atapuerca VII. Head: Juan Luis Arsuaga. 2019-21. Funded by: Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (Spain).

2003-05, 2006-09,
2010-12, 2013-15, 2016-18

Geology, geochronology and palaeobiology of the deposits of the Sierra de Atapuerca II, III, IV, V, VI. Head: Juan Luis Arsuaga. Start-End dates: Funded by: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Spain) and Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (Spain).


Group of studies of the Cenozoic. Head: X. Murelaga. Funded by: Universidad del País Vasco-EHU (Spain)


Towards a regional reconstruction of the climatic variations during the Recent Quaternary in the Basque Country. Head: X. Murelaga. Funded by: UPV-EHU (Spain).


Palaeoenvironmental reconstructions. Head: M. Aurell. Funded by: Diputación General de Aragón (DGA, Spain)


Micropaleontology, dinosaurs and mammals: extinction, paleoecology, paleogeography, paleoclimatology. Head: E. Molina. Funded by: DGA (Spain).


Study of the microfauna of Arlanpe. Head: Juan C. Rofes. Funded by: Joseba Ríos Garaizar.


Evaluation of reports 2007-9 submitted by the Team of Paleontologists working in the area of influence of the Antamina Mining Company (Huari province, Ancash), commissioned by IDARQ for the Ancash Association. Head: Juan C. Rofes. Funded by: Antamina Mining Company S.A. (Perú).


Study of vertebrate faunal remains associated to funerary contexts of the Final Formative period at the site of Tablada de Lurín (Lima, Perú). Head: Juan C. Rofes. Funded by: Tablada de Lurín Archaeological Project (PATL)-PUCP (Perú).


Mummies of dogs of Chribaya Baja. Head: Juan C. Rofes. Funded: Centro Mallqui and the Bioanthropology Foundation-Perú.


Study of animal bone materials from the excavations at several archaeological sites around Huaraz (Ancash, Perú). Head: Juan C. Rofes. Funded by: Pierina Archaeological Project and Barrick Misquichilca Mining Company S.A. (Perú).



Ph.D., University of Zaragoza. Thesis title: The soricids (Mammalia, Eulipotyphla) of the Lower Pleistocene of the deposits of the Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain.


MA, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Thesis title: Analysis of the remains of small mammals from the Monument 2 of Biniai Nou, megalithic sepulcher of the Bronze Age in Mahón, Menorca.


B.A. in Archaeology (with Degree thesis, homologated to B.A. in History in Spain), Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru. Thesis title: Utilization of faunal resources in El Yaral, a Chiribaya site at the Osmore Drainage, low highland of Moquegua (original in Spanish)

Archaeology Courses Taught

Archaeology 242

Archaeobiological Remains (1st Trimester 2020-2021)

Archaeology 297

Special Topics in Archaeology: Peopling and Lithic Traditions in the Americas (1st Trimester 2020-2021)

Selected Publications (5 out of 170)
2020 J. Rofes et al. Detecting stratigraphical issues using direct radiocarbon dating from small-mammal remains. Journal of Quaternary Science 35 (4), 505-513.
2018 J. Rofes et al. Post-glacial recolonization and Holocene diversification of Crocidura suaveolens (Mammalia, Soricidae) on the north-western fringe of the European continent. Quaternary Science Reviews 190, 1-10.
2018 P. Bover, K. Mitchell, B. Llamas, J. Rofes et al. Molecular phylogenetics support the origin of an endemic Balearic shrew lineage (Nesiotites) coincident with the Messinian Salinity Crisis. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 125, 188-195.
2017 S. Cersoy, A. Zazzo, J. Rofes, et al. Radiocarbon dating minute amounts of bone (2-60 mg) with ECHoMICADAS. Scientific Reports 7 (7141), 1-8.
2015 J. Rofes et al. Combining small-vertebrate, marine and stable-isotope data to reconstruct past environments. Scientific Reports 5 (14219), 1-12.

For a complete list of my publications, please visit:
Loop | Open Science Network