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Jessica Cecilia A. Peña

Senior Lecturer

Research Interest:

Area of Specialization:
Bioarchaeology, Human Remains

Current Projects:



M.A. Archaeology, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.          Thesis Title:The Preservation and Bone Representation of Non-Adult Human Remains from Ille Site, Palawan, Philippines: A Taphonomic Study.


Hotel Restaurant Management, Ecole, des Roches.


AB Interdisciplinary Studies, Ateneo de Manila Universtiy, Quezon City, Philippines

Archaeology Courses Taught

Archaeology 2

World Archaeology (undergraduate)



Peña, J. C. A. "A Study of the Taphonomy of Non-Adult Human Remains from Ille Cave and Rockshelter Archaeological Sites in the Philippines.", International Conference: For the Love of Death: Human Osteoarchaeology in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. January 9, 2016.


Peña, J. C. A. "A Preliminary Report on the Animal Remains Excavated in the Archaeological Site at Bulalacao, Mindoro". Test Pit Vol. 9.