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Eusebio Z. Dizon

Professorial Lecturer

Research Interest:
I started working in prehistoric archaeology in 1977 at the National Museum of the Philippines and received formal academic training in Archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania specialized in Archaeometallurgy. I was the founding Director of the Archaeological Studies Program, University of the Philippines, Diliman in 1995. To date, as a Scientist III, I am coordinating, participating and conducting archaeological researches in Palaeolithic, Neolithic, the Metal Age, Protohistory, Underwater and Maritime archaeology.

Area of Specialization:
Prehistory, Palaeolithic, Neolithic, the Metal Age (Archaeometallurgy), Protohistory. Underwater and Maritime Archaeology

Current Projects:


Paleolithic Archaeology in the Philippines (in collaboration with Francois Sémah)


Neolithic Archaeological Research in Batanes and Northern Luzon (in collaboration with Peter Bellwood)


Underwater and Maritme Archaeology in the Philippines



Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology major Archaeology. Department of Anthropology, Graduate Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Dissertation Title: An Iron Age in the Philippines?: A Critical Examination.


Master of Science in Anthropology/Archaeology. Department of Anthropology, Graduate Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Thesis Title: The Metal Age in the Philippines: An Archaeometallurgical Investigation.


Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, minor in Sociology. Faculty of Arts and Letters, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines. Thesis Topic: An Evaluation of the Elements of Filipino Philosophy.

Archaeology Courses Taught

Archaeology 201

Foundations of Archaeology

Archaeology 202

History of Archaeology

Archaeology 203

Archaeology and Culture

Archaeology 204

Scientific Archaeological Analysis

Archaeology 206

Field Methods in Archaeology

Archaeology 207

Laboratory and Field Methods in Archaeology

Archaeology 211

Computers in Archaeology

Archaeology 219


Archaeology 220

Philippine Prehistoric Archaeology

Archaeology 221

Stone Ages

Archaeology 222

Metal Ages

Archaeology 224

Southeast Asian Prehistoric Archaeology

Archaeology 230

Complex Societies

Archaeology 231

Settlement Patterns and Household Systems in Southeast Asia

Archaeology 234

Archaeology of Trade

Archaeology 241

Mortuary Analysis in Archaeology

Archaeology 242

Archaeobiological Remains

Archaeology 243

Lithic Analysis

Archaeology 250

Historical Archaeology

Archaeology 251

Underwater Archaeology

Archaeology 260

Archaeological Resource Management

Archaeology 270

Readings in Archaeology

Archaeology 297

Special Topics in Archaeology

Archaeology 298

Special Topics in Regional Archaeology

Major Publications (since 2001)


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