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Katipunan Arkeologist ng Pilipinas, Inc.

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MOVER: An Erasmus Mundus Program

Erasmus Mundus Master in Quaternary and Prehistory

Human Origins Patrimony in Southeast Asia



ASP Theses/Dissertations 2002-2018

NOTE: Click the title of the thesis or dissertation to access its abstract.

Master's Theses:

Call Number




LG 995 2020 A68 D43

De Castro, Llenel G.

Placemaking: The impact of archaeology in the Dewil Valley


LG 995 2019 A68 R63

Roa, Paulita R.

An archaeological interpretation of the hill structures in Misamis Oriental Province, Mindanao


LG 995 2019 A68 S56

Sioco, Marie Louise Antoinette R.

Headhunting in the Cordilleras Applying Osteoarchaeological methods on Ethnographic Skulls from Ifugao


LG 995 2019 A68 R49

Reyes, Marian C.

Micromammals of Ilin Island and Bulalacao Sites, Southern Mindoro, Philippines


LG 995 2011 A68 A43

Amano, Noel

The Faunal remains of Nagsabaran in Cagayan, Northern Philippines : subsistence strategies in the late Holocene.


LG 995 2010 A68 A77

Arriola, Donna Mae N.

Revisiting Manila ware : characterization of a local pottery.


LG 995 2002 A68 B37

Barretto, Mary Grace Lualhati

Evaluating status in Philippine Prehistory through graves.


LG 995 2012 A68 B37

Basilia, Pauline Grace A.

Morphological and technological analysis of the microperforated cut shells beads from Ille site, El Nido, Palawan.


LG 995 2007 A68 B38

Bautista, Giovanni G.

The archaeology of Calatagan, Batangas : an evaluation for the institution of a cultural resource management programme in the locality.


LG 995 2009 A68 C36

Campos, Fredeliza Z.

The Ichthyoarchaeology of Batanes Islands : Northern Philippines.


LG 995 2008 A68 C35

Canilao, Michael Armand P.

Understanding the peopling of Benguet through oral tradition, ethno-history and archaeology.


LG 995 2010 A68 C37

Carlos, Anna Jane B.

Inferring susbsistence patterns in the Ille cave and rockshelter site : the macrobotanical evidence.


LG 995 2002 A68 C39

Cayron, Jun G.

Comparative analysis of glass beads recovered from the Pandanan and Sungai mas sites : an understanding of early Southeast Asian trade.


LG 995 2013 A68 C47

Ceron, Ma. Jasminda Liza R.

A study of late Pleistocene and early Holocene macro-botanical remains from Hang Boi and Hang Trong cave sites in Northern Viet Nam : towards an understanding of Landscape and human-plant utilisation.


LG 995 2007 A68 C84

Cuevas, Nida T.

Figuring sex and gender in Maitum anthropomorphic vessels in Maitum anthropomorphic.


LG 995 2004 A68 D33

Dado, Arnulfo F.

Ivatan vernacular architecture understanding the Racuaydi Nakavajayan.


LG 995 2008 A68 D43

De la Torre, Amalia A.

The secondary burial in pottery vessels at Ulilang Bundok site in Calatagan, Batangas : a case study.


LG 995 2008 A68 D45

De Leon, Alexandra

Pottery and cultural interaction from 3000 to 600 BP Batanes, Northern Philippines.


LG 995 2004 A68 E84

Esguerra, Arnulfo N.

Analyses of the painting styles and decorative motifs on Ming Blue and white ware with references to ceramic cagoes on Lena and other shipwrecks.


LG 995 2009 A68 E88

Esteves, Katherine K.

Spacing archaeological sites an application of the geographical information system to Philippine archaeology.


LG 995 2017 A68 E88

Estrella, Victor P.

Ancient goldworking technology in Butuan, Northeastern Mindanao, Philippines.


LG 995 2010 A68 E97

Eusebio, Michelle S.

An evaluation of fatty acid residue analysis in Philippine Archaeological Pottery and its application to the earthenware pots from 13th-14th century Porac, Pampanga.


LG 995 2005 A68 F38

Faylona, Marie Grace Pamela.

Ethics in archaeology : a study of the transforming ethical practice of archaeology in the Philippines.


LG 995 2015 A68 F84

Fuentes, Riczar

Use-Wear analysis of lithic artefacts from Vito Cave in Peñablanca, Cagayan, Northern Luzon, Philippines.


LG 995 2010 A68 H46

Hernandez, Vito Paolo C.

Human occupation of Pampanga’s coastal lowland : implication of the effects of post-depositional processes on artefacts and sediments from Lubao, Pampanga (Philippines).


LG 995 2010 A68 H47

Herrera, Michael James B.

An archaeogenetic study of the genus Sus in the Philippines and its propositions for understanding human movements in Island Southeast Asia.


LG 995 2011 A68 J35

Jalandoni, Andrea

Casa real or not real? A Jesuit mission house in Guam.


LG 995 2017 A68 K56

King, Catherine May

Implications of Palynological Study of the Rizal, Kalinga Archaeological Site: Methods, Results and Insights.


LG 995 2015 A68 K56

Kintanar, Andrea Natasha E.

Islamicate motifs in ceramics recovered from archaeological sites in the Philippines.


LG 995 2009 A68 L33

Lacsina, Ligaya S.P.

The Ijang sites of Batanes, Northern Philippines : an archaeological study of the fortified hilltop settlements.


LG 995 2010 A68 L37

Lara, Myra Grace L.

A critique of the current explanation of human induced modifications in human skeletal remains.


LG 995 2016 A68 L56

Lim, Kristine Kate A.

Coastal adaptation of Prehistoric Mindoro : the Archaeomalacology of Bubog 1, Ilin Island from the terminal Pleistocene to the Mid Holocene.


LG 995 2016 A68 L57

Lising, Caroline Marie Q.

The cultural heritage management of the preshistoric archaeological caves sites in Peñablanca, Cagayan Luzon Island, Philippines.


LG 995 2011 A68 M36

Manalo, Ma. Kathryn Ann B.

Preliminary identification of cutmark morphology on animal bones : methods & applications.


LG 995 2016 A68 M36

Manipon, Dante Ricardo N.

Debitage Waste and Cores : An Analysis of the Eme Cave Lithic Workshop.


LG 995 2005 A68 M43

Medrana, Jack Gilbert

The people of ancient Banton : assemblage composition, population features, and health through osteological analysis.


LG 995 2008 A68 M45

Melendres, Rhayan G.

Determination of Oriental trade ware ceramics and the archaeology of Porac Pampanga.


LG 995 2018 A68 M45

Mello, Douglas Joseph

Analysis of the Lamanoc Pictographs of Anda Bohol, Philippines: A pigment characterization and image enhancement approach.


LG 995 2002 A68 N39

Nazareno, Antonio

Porta Vaga De Cavite Puerto : the lost gateway of Spain in the Orient : a rediscovery.


LG 995 2003 A68 N47

Neri, Leee M.

Obsidian sourcing at Huluga open site : an evidence of exchange?


LG 995 2009 A68 O24

Ochoa, Janine

Terrestrial vertebrates from Ille Cave, Northern Palawan, Philippines : subsistence and palaeoecology in the terminal Pleistocene to the Holocene.


LG 995 2008 A68 O75

Orillaneda, Bobby

The Santa Cruz, Zambales shipwreck ceramics : understanding Southeast Asianceramic trade during the late 15th century.


LG 995 2013 A68 P33

Padilla, Rojo Guerrero

Investigating the features of stone-based churches in Eastern Mindoro within the 18th and 19th centuries.


LG 995 2015 A68 P46

Peña, Jessica Cecilia

The Preservation and bone representation of Non-adult human remains from Ille Site, Palawan,Philippines : a taphonomic study.


LG 995 2015 A68 P56

Pineda, Anna Carla L.

Kalinangan sa paggawa at paggamit ng mga Banga bilang sisidlan ng patay mula sa locality 1, Napa Sayt Catanuan, Bondoc Peninsula.


LG 995 2010 A68 R34

Ragrario, Andrea Malaya

Archaeology and emerging kabikolan.


LG 995 2010 A68 R49

Reyes, Joan Tara R.

Reptilya sa Kabaong : isang pag-aaral sa sinaunang paniniwala sa Kamatayan sa Banton, Romblon.


LG 995 2009 A68 R66

Romualdez-Valtos, Eliza

A stylistic analysis of the decorated non-anthropomorphic earthenware vessels from Ayub Cave in Maitum, Sarangani Province in Southern Philippines.


LG 995 2015 A68 S28

Satumbaga, Dawn Iva

Site formation processes in Callao Cave, Cagayan : a sedimentological approach.


LG 995 2002 A68 T38

Tatel, Carlos P.

Patterns of external exchange in Porta Vaga : morphometric analysis of excavated tradeware ceramics at Porta Vaga site, Cavite City.


LG 995 2005 A68 T46

Teodosio, Sharon Fiel R.

A functional analysis of the Arubo stone tools.


LG 995 2009 A68 T53

Tiauzon, Archie M.

Landscape archaeology methodology : a case study in Alegria Southwest coast of Cebu Central Philippines.


LG 995 2016 A68 V35

Valientes, Edwin W.

Vahay, Tawu, Añitu : an ethnoarchaeological study of the symbolic dimension of the Ivatan house.


LG 995 2009 A68 V58

Vitales, Timothy James R.

Form, function, and meaning : an approach in understanding Melo shell artifacts in Philippine sites.



Call Number




LG 996 2021 A68 R63

Lacsina, Ligaya

Examining pre-colonial Southeast Asian boatbuilding: an archaeological study of the Butuan boats and the use of edge-joined planking in local and regional construction techniques.


LG 996 2021 A68 R63

Robles, Emil Charles R.

Sea levels and the archaeology of Mindoro and Palawan implications for Island Southeast Asia


LG 996 2015 A68 N47

Neri, Leee Anthony M.

Philippine obsidian sourcing and characterization: illuminating the acquisition patterns from the terminal Pleistocene to late Holocene


LG 996 2007 A68 B37

Barretto-Tesoro, Mary Grace Lualhati

Social identities and earthenware functions in 15th century AD Philippines.


LG 996 2006 A68 M55

Mijares Armand Salvador B.

Unravelling prehistory : the archaeology of North-Eeastern Luzon.


LG 996 2015 A68 N47

Neri, Leee M.

Philippine Obsidian sourcing and characterization : illuminating the acquisition patterns from the terminal Pleistocene to late Holocene.