In the process of addressing the research questions applied to Dizon-1 site, the work underwent various stages and applied several methods.

Review of Literature
The background review of literature for the project took the form of reading the past archaeological citations and reports from Beyer (1947), Fox (1960a,b), Bautista et al. (1991), De La Torre (1999), and Dizon (1999, 2002). John A. Larkin (1993) provided a provincial overview for the project, reinforcing the fact that we do know so little about the history of the Porac area before the 15th century A.D. The documents containing accounts mentioning Porac from pre-19th century and post 15th century from translated Spanish documents did not tell much except for the participation of warriors from the Porac region in several quelling of revolts (Blair & Robertson 1972, Vol.29:229).