Given the nature of the project, there were manifold objectives set for this season:

  1. To continue the excavation at the base of the Ille tower karst, and upgrade the recording system of the excavation at Ille;
  2. Understand the existence of the "Metal period" and other ancient cultural layers on site;
  3. Go beyond the established circa 10,000 b.p. marker established by radiocarbon dates generated from the 2002 season;
  4. Look for open sites in the valley that can be correlated with the Ille cave/cave platform site;
  5. Gather and process environmental samples for high-resolution data generation on the archaeology and environmental history of the Dewil valley.

There was no illusion that these objectives could be comprehensively answered in this season. It was however the goal for 2004 to move the research significantly towards this direction.


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