Overall, there are 32 burials recorded from the site. Human remains found in the fill were not counted. Twenty-four of these burials were recorded in this last season. Belonging to the youngest burial phase are 8 burials; to the middle burial phase, 12 burials and for the oldest burial phase there are at least 10 burials that can be associated. At the oldest phase (Burial phase 3) most burials have bivalve shell beddings underneath the buried individuals.

There is still a lot of work to be done in describing the human remains, needless to say that we know that there are at least 9 pre-adults in this assemblage. A few of the adults can be sexed - especially burial no. 20 (17 in old numbering), a mature female with three skulls buried with her.

The exact count of individuals unearthed from the Ille excavation is hard to determine. Disarticulated human bones turn-up frequently in almost all fills of burials and pits.

It is also interesting to report that with the substantial recording of burials at Ille, all with the exception of two burials did not have any associated material culture remains with their skeletons. Burial No. 2 with its metal point at the West mouth excavation of 1999 and the infant (burial no. 28) with a Indo-pacific bead bracelet at the outlier are the only two burials with good context for associated artefacts.



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