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Rebecca Crozier

Assistant Professor

Research Interest:
I am particularly interested in the reconstruction and understanding of past mortuary practices through the analysis of human remains.

Area of Specialization:
Human osteology, taphonomy, mortuary analysis, prehistory, forensic archaeology, British Neolithic.

Current Projects:


The Human Osteology Lab at ASP – Start-up Project


Archaeological human remains from Island Southeast Asia; a taphonomic approach


Palaeoenviromental and Biodiversity study of Mindoro Island: An Archaeological Science Initiative



PhD in Archaeology, Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom. Dissertation Title: A taphonomic approach to the re-analysis of the human remains from the Neolithic chamber tomb of Quanterness, Orkney.


MSc in Osteology, Palaeopathology and Funerary Archaeology, University of Bradford, United Kingdom.


MA (Hons) Archaeology, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Archaeology Courses Taught

Archaeology 2

Introduction to Archaeology (Undergraduate)

Archaeology 242

Archaeobiological Remains

Archaeology 298

Special Topics in Regional Archaeology (Archaeology of Ireland)

Major Publications (since 2005)


Ginn, V.G., Enlander, R.A. and Crozier, R. (eds). 2014. Exploring Prehistoric identity in Northwest Europe. Our construct or theirs? Oxbow.


Crozier, R. 2014. Exceptional or conventional? Social identity within the chamber tomb of Quanterness, Orkney.In Exploring Prehistoric Identity in Northwest Europe. Our construct or theirs? Ginn, V.G., Enlander, R.A. and Crozier, R. (eds). Oxbow.


Schulting, R., Sheridan, A., Crozier, R. And Murphy, E. 2010. Revisiting Quanterness: new AMS dates and stable isotope data from an Orcadian chamber tomb. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 140, 1–50.


Craig [Crozier], C. R., Knüsel, C. & Carr, G. 2005. Fragmentation, mutilation and dismemberment: an interpretation of human remains on Iron Age sites. In M. Parker-Pearson and I. J. N. Thorpe (ed.) Violence, Warfare, and Slavery: British Archaeological Reports International Series 1374. 165-180. Oxford: Archaeopress.