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On August 13, 2008 (Wednesday), the officers of Archaeo-Soc met to view the Ayala Museum exhibit. There

On June 16, 2008 (Monday), 5:33 pm, the Archaeological Society (Archaeo-Soc) held a short meeting to hold an election. Attendance was taken, with a total of 17 members attending (see below). Jane Carlos opened the meeting by summarizing the decisions made during the November 23, 2007 meeting, in which committees were proposed instead of the usual hierarchy of president, etc. (Please see the previous meeting�s minute�s for justifications for this decision.) Because there were no comments and criticisms during the 7 months that Archaeo-Soc did not meet, it was assumed that there are no reactions on this decision. It should be noted that there were some officers of Archaeo-Soc 2004-2005 present in the meeting and they approved of the move.

Michelle Eusebio informed the people present that she is in the process of compiling the history of Archaeo-Soc and that she has placed the past papers and documents in one area. She also said that the Archaeo-Soc has a remaining balance of PhP 602.00 (six-hundred two pesos only). This can be used as funds for future activities.


After this, elections for new officers were elected. Jane Carlos and Michelle Eusebio presided over the elections. Everyone agreed that even people who are not present in the current meeting could be elected, although they will not be counted in the voting. The election proceeded as follows, with the number of votes:

Anna Pineda � 8
Nan de la Paz � 3
Tara Reyes � 0
Edwin Valientes � 7

Internal Committee Head:
Taj Vitales � 14
* Voting for Internal Committee Head was closed once Taj Vitales was nominated.

External Committee Head:
Tara Reyes � 9
Nan de la Paz � 7

Finance Committee Head:
Iza Campos � 3
Nan de la Paz � 10

Each head of the committees will take care of finding members for their committees, or people who are interested to join a particular committee can contact the appointed leaders. This will be discussed further in future meetings.

After the elections, Anna Pineda took over briefly to give an overview of the possible activities that Archaeo-Soc can do. Although these were suggested by Tara Reyes outside the meeting, some of the activities she gave included:

  1. an academic activity, such as a lecture by a professor invited by Archaeo-Soc;
  2. a semi-academic activity, one of the suggestions being a film marathon of a popular archaeological film
  3. an outreach program, possibly a modified Sandbox.

Michelle Eusebio pointed out that there ought to be an Archaeo-Soc mailing list, wherein the members may be reached through email. She added that Emil Robles, previously the moderator of the Archaeo-Soc mailing list, can be requested to give the details outside the meeting.

The present members of the meeting were encouraged to disseminate the information to other absent members and to also give their ideas. This can be done outside the meeting, or by contacting any of the committee heads. The meeting ended at 6:10pm.


For more ideas, please contact any of the following:

Anna Pineda � alpineda@up.edu.ph
Taj Vitales � archaeofreako@yahoo.com
Tara Reyes � joantara@yahoo.com
Nan de la Paz - nandipee@yahoo.com


There were 19 people who attended this meeting.

Arriola, Donna
Basilia, Pau
Caisip, John
Carlos, Jane
Dasallas, Deone
El Farol, Noell
Eusebio, Michelle
Guanzon, Edil
Lim, Elle
Maguire, Kristyn
Padilla, Rojo
de la Paz, Nan
Pineda, Anna
Ragragio, Aya
Ramirez, RR
Tiauzon, Archie
Valientes, Edwin
Vitales, Taj
Wright, Len