Create, layout, design and publish your own website Online.

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Instant, template-based publication of scholarly contents, with minimal-to-zero technical know-how required

Built-in content management system

Category tagging for added navigational ease

Drag-and-drop layout

Custom domain

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Apps & widgets

Pages comes with a set of preconfigured, customizable and reusable apps that satisfy common use cases in (academic) websites including News, Events and calendaring, Publications, Blog, FAQ, Slideshow, etc.

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No Technical Knowledge Needed

The user-friendly interface for adding and editing content requires no technical knowledge, special software, or HTML. You can edit your site from any computer with an internet connection.

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Drag-and-drop layout

The "drag-and-drop" tool provides an easy way to arrange the content presentation on any site. You can design site-wide default layouts or create unique layouts for different sections of your site.

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Custom Domain

Use your custom domain URL for your website. Departments and institutes can use their existing domain for all sites of affiliated scholars.

Main benefits to using a custom domain

  • Branding
  • Trust and
  • Discoverability
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Pages App Features


The Basic Page app offers the ability to post miscellaneous web pages of your choice, like a blank canvas. You can create subpages to nest content and create hierarchy with your Basic Page content.

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The Blog App can be used when you want to communicate and share information with your audience in an informal manner. You can invite visitors to interact with your blogs by enabling the blog comments.

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The Events app lets you post and manage your events on your web site. This app provides a display of the current month's calendar, as well as other views of upcoming and past events and features additional functionality.

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The Private Files App restricts files to just members of your site. Enabling private files is the only way to upload a file that is not available to the public, they will stay private independent of site visibility.

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The Presentations app lets you post and manage your presentations in a structured way. You can attach your ppt., pptx., or pdf presentations to your post. You also have the ability to import presentations.

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The Links App will allow you to post and manage links pointing to external web pages that have relevance to your site. You also have the ability to categorize links and associate images or files to your links.

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The Publications App lets you post and manage your publications in a structured way. You have the option to set your preferred bibliographic format and decide which publication types to display.

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The Media Gallery App is a tool to help you upload, store, and manage your website's photos. You can create multiple galleries or related groups of photos to give your photos context and to keep them organized.

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The Classes App enables you to create and manage information on classes taught or otherwise relevant. You can also add class materials such as PDFs, Powerpoint presentations, and other files.

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